Suicide and suicidal behaviour

Many people try to get help before attempting suicide.In fact, studies indicate that more than 50 percent of suicide victims had sought medical help in the six months prior to their deaths.

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Suicide and suicidal behaviour
Suicide is now worldwide emerging health issue. Suicide in intentional taking of one’s own life. 200,000 people in USA attempt suicide every year out of which 26,000 people loses their lives. While actual no. of suicides may be higher since official records often list a suicide as another form of death. In Pakistan 15 – 35 people commit suicide every day. Means one person every hour commit suicide. According to WHO survey in 2012, the suicide rate was 7.5 per 100,000 people In Pakistan. Which means 13,000 people commit suicide every year. This no. is half of American suicide deaths. student suicides in Pakistan is also a wake up call for parents and educational administrations.
Types of suicidal behavior
There is 3 types of suicidal behavior.

  1. Suicide threat
  2. Suicide attempt
  3. Suicide gesture
  4. Dead by suicide

Suicide threat
Suicide threat is verbal admiration of one’s own life…

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